Zoraya’s new anal adventure

Zoraya’s recent anal adventure

Zoraya's recent anal adventure

Some sweethearts were born wild. Some were born to be wild. Zoraya Mora was among the latter, but this babe did not know it until this babe divorced her fuddy-duddy ex husband and hooked up with the fellow this babe is married to now. Which is how this 42-year-old wife and Mamma from Cuba ended up here, banging a 23-year-old stranger.

“I wonder what would happen if my friends and co-workers saw me here,” Zoraya told. “It would be a great chortle. ‘The hotty who has the appearance of Zoraya,’ but no one would fantasy it was me.”

Maybe. Maybe not. Few women look like this exotic stunner with her bigger in size than average pointer sisters and large, round, luscious butt. It is simply a damn shame that her ex did not appreciate her.

By the way, her liberal new boyfriend was sat a scarcely any feet away while Zoraya screwed Peter.

Then anew, it’s nothing fresh for him. He was in the swinger married couples club with his wife when she blew 12 bucks.

This is a woman who finds no thing sexier than a stiffy. Who rogered a total stranger in the dressing room at Wal-Mart. Who banged an 18-year-old five times in one day.

Doing this? Getting ass-fucked by a boy who’s almost half her age?

Piece of cake.

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