Your Wet Pet

Your Luscious Pet

Your Juicy Pet

The way to Lily’s fur pie is throughout her nips.
Lily has great mambos. They’re a perky, round, overflowing handful. Lily knows this, and this babe dresses to display ’em off in low-cut shirts and push-up bras. But Lily’s mambos do more than just look wonderful. They get her muff juices flowing too. “My bra-busters and teats are really sensitive, so when a boy plays with them right I acquire so wet. I adore to have my teats gently sucked. I could almost cum from it.”

Do u likewise get super soaked and turned on when a smooth operator eats your snatch?
“Yes, I like to receive my cum-hole eaten. But if this lady-killer sucks on my funbags in advance of touching my cookie it’s even more priceless when this chab goes down on me. It is love my teats are the on switch for me getting concupiscent. In general I receive very luscious though. I must change my straps twice a day because I receive lascivious so often that I soak my undies. I keep an extra couple in my bag for this reason.”

So u need to soak the sofa when u have sex.
“Big time. The sheets definitely need to be changed after. When I’m fucking I can feel the juices running down into my asscrack and forming a puddle on the sheet. It sounds really soaked as the boy is pounding me, and his testicles will usually acquire overspread in my juices too. By the end my beauty cum is smeared all over my inner hips. That is how u know I’ve been having a wonderful time. If I screw a boy in a car I acquire to warn him to put a towel down unless he desires a stain on the backseat and the smell of cookie lingering in his car for a bit.”

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