Water Jugs

Water Jugs

Water Jugs

Howdy, Charlie. Have u ever thought of entering a juicy t-shirt contest? ‘Cause we think u would definitely win one!

“No, I haven’t. I have been said that I’ve a worthwhile body, but I am also timid to go onstage in a wet t-shirt. I am usually charming modest. I’ll just keep the moist t-shirts for the hot summer days in my backyard when I’m doing lawn work. That’s my prefered time to hose myself down ’cause it receives so hawt.”

U look pretty pumped up. Did u ever play sports or do you workout?

“I did gymnastics and danced up until a pair of years agone. I suppose that’s why my body is marvelous toned now. I just started to go to the gym ‘coz I don’t desire to lose what I’ve, but I don’t know what I’m doing in there. That’s kind of a blessing in disguise though, coz I must ask the hawt trainers for help. I’ve learned some things about working out, but the foremost part is being adept to flirt with the trainers. The other day I could have sworn that one of them had a stiffy whilst that fellow was demonstrating an exercise.”

Are you intend to bonk a coach?

“Maybe. It would be hawt if I could do it at the gym, but that’s a little insane. I’m kind of demure when it comes to making the first move, so that ladies man would have to do it. And if there was no one around the gym and it was safe, I’d do it. I would adore to view us screw in the mirrors!”

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