True Lays

True Lays

True Lays

At the commence of this scene, some playgirl makes the serious mistake of asking her fiancé to meet with her Mommy to discuss wedding plans.

“She’ll be so cheerful,” the future bride says. “Please try to acquire along.”

2 things we can definitely say about the dude: 1.) That smooth operator does try to acquire along with his future in-law; 2.) Even in advance of the marriage starts, he’s already a cheating bastard.

That’s part his fault, part his future in-law’s fault. U see, the Mom comes to a completion to reveal him the lingerie she’d picked out for her daughter. And u can guess where this goes from there.

At this point, the Lothario should have 2 questions: 1.) Does the daughter screw as well as the Mamma? TWO.) Is that man marrying the wrong lady?

By the way, the Mother is Marla Jones, a 52-year-old from Maine. We’d pick her.

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