Trillium – Who’s the boss?

Who’s the boss?

Who's the boss?

Who’s the boss? In this case, it is Trillium’s dad. “My daddy cannot find out about those fotos,” Trillium told us. “Seriously. He’d fucking kill me. And he’d kill his spouse. And then he’d probably kill you!” Guys, as u can imagine, we have received threats from angry fathers previous to. It appears to be that almost all lads don’t want their daughter widening her cookie in a porno magazine. But Trillium’s got an interesting story about why her dad would be so potty to watch her here. Those photos were taken in his office.

Not solely did Trillium strip undressed and widen her moist, young twat on her daddy’s chairs, that babe had dad’s business husband take the images. Trillium explained, “I got a little batty at last year’s shareholder’s party. So did the CFO for the company, Jaime. We were the one and the other in a corner office, trying to sober up a little and talking. One thing led to one more and marvelous in a short time he was screwing me on a desk. We’ve been fooling around ever since then. He’s a lot older than me, but we’re compatible in the bedroom. We have the maddest sex. He can make me cum in beneath a minute.”

Maybe the boss should have locked his door.

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