Tori and her ex-hubby’s best friend

Tori and her ex-hubby’s foremost ally

Tori and her ex-hubby's best friend

Tori has avoided by Sam’s house, and Sam is a bit constrained. Sure, this chab is glad to see her, but why is that babe here now that she and Sam are divorced? And why is that babe wearing a trench coat?

“I missed you coming over for the games and stuff, so I thought I’d come watch you,” Tori says. “Can I flaunt you something?”

What does Tori have to brandish Sam? Well, this babe has her mammaries, which are encased in a sexy under garment, and her wazoo, which is encased in a slight strap, and her legs, which are encased in hot stockings.

“This is what I’ve for you,” Tori says. “You know I have always wanted a piece of u.”

Sam cant believe what’s happening right in front of him. He’s not at all observed Tori love this. His supreme friend’s ex-wife!

“Have I been a naughty cutie?” Tori says.

Well, maybe this babe was not nasty before, but she sure is naughty now.

“I’ve been thinking about this forever,” Tori says. “I’ve been a bad goddess. Spank me!”

At this point, Tori’s wazoo is in the air, and Sam cant resist the invitation. How could he ? Why would this guy?

“Show me your shlong. I crave to engulf it!”

And away they go, sucking and rogering….destination: facial!

Tori is a 45-year-old divorcee from Arizona. That babe is a Mama. She used to be a lifeguard. That babe has spent majority of her life working in medicine. This babe is not a swinger. This babe is not a nudist. That babe is just a very sexy 40something.

“My fantasy is to be banged out on a terrace or a patio whilst it’s raining indeed stiff,” that babe told.

Hey, that trench coat might come in handy again!

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