Tiny Pixie Fuck Doll

Miniature Pixie Screw Doll

Tiny Pixie Screw Doll

Do u adore pint-sized teenies? Do you desire to shag a cutie who can suck a meat-thermometer the width of her wrist? Would you give everything to lock down a piece of arse who is ambisextrous, willing to involve you in a threeway, has a crush on that dumpy guy Seth Rogan, and describes a bit of arse as “very valuable?”

Meet Lucie. She’s Nineteen, grew up on a reservation in Nevada, stands 4’11” tall, and weighs about 91 pounds. She’s goofy, sexual, and willing to try everything one time. “When I was younger, I would reveal off to all of the boyz on my rez that I can eat an entire cupcake in one bite. It was not until I was a little maturer that I realized they were all fantasizing about me deepthroating their wang when I did that. Surprisingly enough, it was admirable practice! The 1st time I sucked a shlong, I took it all the way into my face hole and drank his man-juice love that.

“I’m into SADOMASOCHISM sex and I like having my dark hole licked and banged whilst I am fastened down. It is liberating to not have any power and just allow myself to feel good and cum as much as possible. It is simple for males to take control of me cuz I’m so petite, so I think it’s a worthy thing that I am a uncomplaining in the bedroom!”

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