Tiffany Watson – Tutored Tush

Trained Tush

Tutored Tush

“My tutor is so hawt. I wanted him to teach me a lesson, but none of the boring shit in our textbooks. No, I wanted him to train me how to take it up the gazoo. I was already assertive in my regular sex skills, but anal is a complete other league! Fortunately, my trainer knew exactly what to do to guide me along. That charmer took his overweight ramrod and eased into my rectal hole so gently, and let my wazoo slowly stretch around his shaft. One time I was absolutely relaxed this smooth operator started pumping and coaching me along, telling me how great I was doing. It felt so banging worthwhile that I came twice, and it was way more intensive than when I cum from my snatch. I think this is one lesson I mastered!”

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