Tiffani Lovely – Blown Fawn

Blown Fawn

Blown Fawn

Tiffani’s got a little crush on the pool buck…
When we final saw her in Feb. ’12, Tiffani was showing off her slit by the pool. She told us then that that babe loved lying in nature’s garb outdoors, but now we know this babe had an ulterior motive. “I was trying to receive the pool lad to notice me. He’s pretty hot and I’ve been lonely since I broke up with my spouse.”

We would notice you in a heartbeat!
“Thanks! After several times of him coming over and finding me at least half-naked, I suppose this chab started to receive the message. This buck asked me one time if I was bashful about him seeing my juggs but I told him I did not mind since I wanted him to look.”

Such a wicked beauty! Did this ladies man love that? Have you shown him more since?
“Oh, this chab definitely did. This chab always wore those khaki work trousers and I could see the bulge growing in his pants whenever that man came near me. I know that’s a sure-fire way to know this chab is appreciating the observe. The next time this buck came by, I asked him to expect a little coz I indeed wanted to go for a swim. He said ok and this gent sat down while I undid my top, took off my bikini bottoms and jumped in the water. I could feel the wetness of my twat and the wetness of the pool mixing between my legs. When I came back up for air, he already had his ramrod out. My folks were at work so I let him enter my room. This chab made me cum three times!”

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