Taking One For The Team

Taking One For The Team

Taking One For The Team

The highlight of this scene is when Kitana, a tall, thin 22-year-old from Troy, New York, laughs at the loser’s cock. We’d been awaiting for that to happen for a long time, and here, it happens. But, 1st, some setup.

Kitana has long, darksome hair and a large tattoo on her back. She is wearing sexy knickers, but we hardly need to watch ’em ‘coz the Loser doesn’t love to leave anything to the imagination and has her take it off right away. We receive the feeling that Kitana is actually into the tanalise (and probably spent a ages picking out these knickers) and would have rather left them on because she knows how much lads adore hot belts. But the Loser, being a loser, has every girl do the exact same thing.

It’s when Kitana is exposed that that babe laughs at the Loser for the 1st time. He asks her, “Are u ready to receive down and funky,” which is language we haven’t heard in a lengthy time. Yep, she’s ready to get down and funky, and she’s standing there completely bare when this chab asks her if that babe urges to back out.

Are you kidding?

But she might be having second thoughts when this babe sees the Loser’s dick because that’s when that babe breaks out in laughter. Yeah, it is a puny little thing, especially when it’s squashy, and it’s likely that Kitana was envisaging more fine. More, that is. After all, a fascinating heart acquires into porn, she expects to acquire screwed by immense porn-stud ramrods. Not this time, Kitana.

So, that babe acquires down on her knees, controls her laughter and continues to take one for the team. That would be us. The team. Go, Kitana!

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