Sydney Cole – Hottie With A Body

Hotty With A Body

Hottie With A Body

U look adore an interesting angel to know, Sydney. Do u have any specific talents?
“I do aerial arts, which is doing acrobatic things while drooping from silk fabrics or suspended hoops. It truly keeps me toned and it looks super sexy, too. Other than that, I would say I am a competent at giving blow jobs! I like blowjob in general–both giving and receiving, and I believe that you are worthwhile at the things u enjoy. My much loved way to suck 10-Pounder is to go admirable and slow, covering it with spit and using my hand and mouth at the same time with a firm clutch.”

Do u adore to gulp cum?
“That depends entirely on what the woman chaser tastes like. I will always take the load in my mouth, but if I am not liking his taste also much I’ll spit. If this ladies man tastes fascinating then I adore to gargle his man-juice and drink it with a smile. So remember dudes, eat healthy so your cum tastes priceless!”

Have u ever hooked up with a goddess?
“Yes, in a three-way. I ate her twat and I can say for certain that I’m worthwhile at that likewise. I am indeed passionate when it comes to my fellatio skills, and I adore the feeling of anybody cumming all in my face hole, whether it’s a lad or a gal.”

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