Slutty Schoolgirl

Lewd Schoolgirl

Slutty Schoolgirl

Allie, we love your tartan skirt. Is that what u like to wear when u go to school?

“Yes, I adore wearing short, little skirts to school, but I always click this link bother for it. All my teachers hate me because I suit lewd and I flirt with the boyz. And what makes water them off even more is that I still acquire worthy grades, so they can not do everything.”

What do you do when you flirt with the boyz in your classes?

“I tanalise ’em and I squeeze my milk cans together so they’ll look at my breast valley when I’m talking to ’em. Or I’ll drop smth on purpose just so I can bend over and stick my gazoo in their face. One time I was flirting with he in my art class and I totally let him finger me right there. His hand started on my knee and then slowly made its way up. Certainly I was wearing a petticoat, so eventually that gent made it to my panties. Then this chab moved ’em aside and played with my clit and stuck his fingers in my wet crack.”

Nobody noticed this chab was playing with your muff?

“Yeah. Some angels did see it. I even saw them whispering and looking over at us whilst it was happening. But I didn’t care. I was too busy leaving a puddle of muff juice in my seat. Wonderful thing I had a change of briefs in my locker ‘coz I truly needed it! The beauties ended up spreading rumors but I just denied it.”

Do u always have a change of briefs in your locker?

“Yes. I need to bring a change of undies or else I’d be sat in knickers that are moist from my juices all day. Sometimes it is not facile being slutty! I am always valuable and juicy at school from talking to all the cute boyz I wanna screw. And when I’m not talking to them I’m thinking of their dicks. Sometimes I even enter the bath to masturbate quickly or else I will not be experienced to focus on anything. That’s when my extra pair of straps comes in majority handy!”

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