Skye – Fuzzy Schoolgirl

Fuzzy Schoolgirl

Fuzzy Schoolgirl

Welcome, Skye. You look love you are into grooming. We wouldn’t have guessed that you had hair down there.
“I used to be all about shaving and waxing my vagina, but I got tired of it. It is nice being smooth and bald down there, but it is such a mission to take care of. And you know, I’ve come to realize that majority men really don’t care if a goddess has hair on her vagina or not. Plus, pubes are making a comeback! So I decided to just let it grow. I had a landing undress in advance of, but now I want a full, luxurious bush that I can run my fingers through. I’ve at no time let my bush grow out fully.”

You have a belt tanline. Are you plan to shave for that?
“Not for a whilst. I’ll probably stop being in a bathing suit or a panty for a whilst so I can let my bush acquire worthy and thick. Then one time it’s grown out fully I’ll probably shave my swimsuit line.”

How do the lads u hook up with feel about your new pubes?
“Pft. They do not care. As lengthy as my marangos and body still look fine and I’m giving them bawdy cleft they’re glad as clowns. One lad is even excited to see me with a bush. The other ones barely even noticed. It’s funny; the boys do not care but a couple of my girl-friends are like, ‘ew.’ I converted one of them though. Now we’re having a contest to see who can grow their bush first.”

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