Sapphire – Just Your Type

Just Your Type

Just Your Type

We know what you wanna watch.
Cute, new faces. Merry little pointer sisters and asses. Shaved pussies. Firm bodies. Did we hit the nail on the head? We think so, and we also think Sapphire fits the bill. This babe is a teen fantasy come true–pretty in an approachable way and just blossoming into womanhood. “I went throughout a immense growth spurt this year. It is adore I became a female overnight! One morning I woke up, and had scones out of nowhere. I also started to get much more horny. Now I am getting way more attention from boyz than I ever have, and I am truly liking it so far.”

Have you had sex in advance of or are you a virgin, Sapphire?
“Technically I am a virgin. I’ve done everything except full sex. I have been fingered and I’ve both given and received irrumation. This all happened very not lengthy ago one time I started getting attention from lads. In advance of that I was a biggest dork that no one paid attention to. I always thought I would be a virgin until I got married, but I don’t think that is intend to happen.”

Are you concerned to finally have sex?
“Yes. I have by no means been so slutty before! I suppose about sex all day and all night. And my cunny always feels tingly, like it’s just aching to be kissed and touched. And my nipps are always rigid. I masturbate each day or else I would go barmy.”

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