Samantha Ray – Samantha Ray’s training day

Samantha Ray’s training day

Samantha Ray's training day

Young Johnny walks into the locker room and finds a magazine. It is 40something. That gent reaches down into his shorts to jack his ramrod during the time that Samantha Ray comes up doggy style and stands behind a locker. That babe is wearing a T-shirt and Fitness Centre shorts. She’s fondelling her mounds while Johnny admires the magazine. That babe reaches down to rub her muff. At this point, Johnny and Samantha are doing the same exercise, and finally, Samantha makes her presence known.

“Mrs. Ray, I didn’t know there was anyone in the locker room,” Johnny says.

“Looks love you like aged vixens,” that babe says. “You do not get to be constrained. I’ll take care of you.”

Which that babe does by mouthing his meat-thermometer and balls and lying down on the bench so this gent can fuck her hairless cookie. Fortunately, Johnny remembered to bring along a condom, and Samantha puts it on with her face hole and hands. After screwing Johnny in a diversity of poses, Samantha rips off the cock-sock so he can empty his balls on her face.

Back home in Michigan Samantha Ray has been married to the same dude for Twenty four years. That babe is a PTA and soccer Mama. She has a husband who enjoys sharing her, which sounds fair to us. A female-dominant adore Samantha Ray needs to be enjoyed by as many dudes as possible.

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