Sally Squirt – Scandalous Schoolgirl

Scandalous Schoolgirl

Scandalous Schoolgirl

Sally, we heard you’ve a special talent.
“Yes. I can squirt adore batty whenever I masturbate or have sex. It just shoots out of me and I can’t prevent it. The merely downside is that anything gets totally juicy, so u have to do laundry afterward. That’s why I always play with myself in the shower. Otherwise I would be laundry my sheets daily.”

What happened the first time u ever squirted?
“My boyfriend at the time was going down on me and I was truly into it. The next thing I knew I felt this pressure down there and I got really juicy. I did not know what happened but I heard him say, “Oh shit!” I looked up and his face was luscious. I was so embarrassed ’cause I didn’t know what squirting was at the time. But that charmer said me it was sexy.”

Can u control your squirting? Do u adore that you can squirt?
“Yes. I have learned how to make myself squirt. All I have to do is rub my clit a peculiar way and I’ll spray all over the place. And yep, I adore it. At first I didn’t ‘cuz love I said, I was embarrassed by it. But one time I learned it was normal for some angels and that males love it I started to embrace it. Too I cum actually stiff when I’m squirting so that part is good. The boyz I have been with have been actually turned on by it. Apparently not that many gals can do it, and I like knowing that my wet crack has this particular little thing that it can do.”

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