Sadie Kennedy – Spread Red

Widen Red

Spread Red

Sadie, what’s your favorite position?
“People might think this sounds boring, but I adore any position that’s face to face; yes, that includes missionary. It’s very intimate and a biggest turn-on to be expert to look into the other person’s eyes as they fuck you. I adore to be competent to see the expression the chap makes as that chap cums inside my snatch, and I’m sure the guy loves to see the faces I make whilst he’s pounding me. And u know, you can do anal in missionary, so it is not a totally vanilla position. In fact, when I do anal I most like to do it missionary style. That’s how it feels the supreme for me.”

How often do u do anal?
“Probably about one time or twice a month. I try to keep it on more of a particular occasion basis or for when I am so potty lascivious and damp that the lad can just slide it in my butt with little to no foreplay.”

How do u love to have sex with cuties?
“The face to face thing is a little harder with cuties, so sometimes I just adore to makeout during the time that we rub our clits jointly or finger each other. I love to 69 with gals. If we can’t be face to face at least we can be face to love tunnel!”

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