Lil’ Sis Wants Dick

Lil’ Sis Wants Dick

Lil' Sis Wants Dick

Height: 5’2″; Weight: 108 pounds; Bra Size: 34A; Birthday: May 26; Lives: Boca Raton, Florida.

Bella knows that you’re going to watch her suck dick, get her pussy pounded and receive a sticky facial. She knows that you’re gonna jack your dick while watching her cum. She loves that.

“I love it. It’s such a turn-on to know someone finds you attractive and is pleasuring themselves to you. My favorite is when I ask guys to send me videos of them jacking off and cumming and they do it.

“Do phone sex operators still exist? Because I should totally be one. I love having dirty conversations that lead to both of us masturbating and cumming. I also like to mutually masturbate with a guy before we have sex. Not only is it hot, but it lets us both know what the other person likes.”

Bella talks dirty to her older brother’s friend. She throws him every signal she can think of, finally just hopping onto his lap and grabbing his cock. That does the trick.

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Aliya Brynn

Aliya Brynn Aliya Brynn
Aliya Brynn @
Aliya is absolutely mortified when she goes through her hubbie’s texts. He is actually soliciting other women for sex and to make matters worse getting horribly shot down. How does this make her look being with him? Why is she even with this useless loser? He sucks in bed. He is a total pussy. Oh yeah, that’s right – he pays all the bills and she uses him. Can you believe he actually accuses her of being mean to him? Well if he wants mean than he is going to get mean. She tells him to go walk the dog while she heads down to the local hookah bar to bring back a real man. She finds a rapper type named Slim and he seems to fit the bill. He has no problem going home with a married woman and having sex with her in her bed. That’s what real men do. Poor Hatler gets home to find her with a foot long black snake slurping down her throat and is horrified. Is this really happening? It sure is Cuck!!! Sit down and watch. And so Hatler does. He watches his wife suck and fuck that massive ebony pole like it’s the last dick on earth. She never fucks him like that. Well she barely fucks him at all. Am I really so worthless, Hatler contemplates. Than to add insult to injury she makes him eat all of the cum off of her body. How degrading. How dehumanizing!. Such is the life of a cuck.

Aliya Brynn Aliya Brynn

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Cunt-stretching with Presley St. Claire

Cunt-stretching with Presley St. Claire

Cunt-stretching with Presley St. Claire

There’s something very sexy, slutty and sleazy about Presley St. Claire, a 60-year-old wife and mom who has big, fake tits and a shaved pussy. Today, she seems even sluttier and sleazier as she talks dirty and fucks her well-used cunt with a huge toy. It’s almost as if Mrs. St. Claire is daring you to not shoot your load and knows there’s no possible way for you to hold back.

Presley’s answers to the sex questions we asked her prove how much she’s into fucking and getting off. Read on…

How often do you have sex?

Presley: Several times a week. Every day if I can.

What gets you off?

Presley: A big dick in my mouth then in my pussy.

Where was your kinkiest sexual encounter?

Presley: I’ve had many kinky encounters at the swingers clubs and in elevators. I’ll do it anywhere.

What was your wildest swinging experience?

Presley: Having 10 dicks in my face at once.

And there you have it!

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Kristi seals the deal

Kristi seals the deal

Kristi seals the deal

Ah, the life of a realtor! Showing homes to guys who really don’t want to buy anything and just want to ogle the female realtor’s tits, because as we all know, all female realtors have big tits and love to show them off in tight, low-cut or sheer tops. Kristi Kream, a 44-year-old divorcee and mother of four from Connecticut, is showing off her big tits, but her frustration is evident as she tries to convince her client this is the right house for him. What does she have to do? Show him her tits? Suck his cock? Fuck him?

Yes, yes and yes!

Because when Kristi gets down on her knees and gets down to business, business soars.

Yes, the house has nice light. It’s very roomy. But more importantly, realtor Kristi deep-throats the guy’s cock down to the root, and her pussy gapes when the now-lucky client removes his cock from her wet cunt.

SPOILER ALERT! Kristi seals the deal. She also sucks the cum off his dick.

By the way, in real life, Kristi is a parademic.

Hobbies: “Going to the gym and spending time with family and friends.”

Fetishes: “I have a major cum fetish. I have also enjoyed some bondage and water sports.”

Sex with younger men? “Yes! I have been with men 20 years younger than me plenty of times.”

Is she sexually assertive or passive? “Passive.”

Not here she isn’t.

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Tahnee Taylor fucks her step-son

Tahnee Taylor fucks her step-son

Tahnee Taylor fucks her step-son

This is definitely not the kind of thing that happens every day. Here we have a guy. Let’s call him Berry. He sits down on a couch, takes out his cell phone and starts browsing the Internet for porn. Smart guy that he is, he ends up at where he sees…his step-mom! His dad’s new wife! So he calls his best friend to tell him the astonishing news.

“My dad’s new wife?” he says. “She’s a porn star.”

What he doesn’t know is that his step-mother is listening in on the conversation. She comes up from behind him, grabs the phone and talks to her step-son’s buddy.

“He’s going to have to hang up the phone right now,” she says, “because he’s going to fuck his step-mother.”

Like we said, this is not the kind of thing that happens every day, but then again, Tahnee Taylor is not your average step-mom. She’s a 57-year-old beauty with blond hair and big tits, and she’s about to suck and fuck some 21-year-old cock.

This is Tahnee’s first on-camera fuck in eight years and her first at She’s truly a stunner with her beautiful face and voluptuous body, and it’s great to have her back.

Did you watch the scenes you shot for us?

Tahnee: I’m a little shy and I don’t like watching myself. I’m very self-critical. But I have watched them with a boyfriend while having sex and we both liked what we saw.

Has shooting for us changed you at all?

Tahnee: Yes. I have become more open about my sex life.

What were your top sexual encounters?

Tahnee: Other than the scenes I shot for The SCORE Group, being with another woman and a man and being blindfolded while having sex and being massaged by a few men and women while blindfolded and naked.

How do you make a guy feel special?

In bed by telling him he knows how to please me and out of bed by telling him he’s my hero.

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Sweet tooth

Sweet tooth

Sweet tooth

Emma has a sweet tooth and orders a sugary drink whenever she visits her local coffee shop. But what she really wants is to get a taste of the barista’s sweet cum. He puts whipped cream on his cock to tempt Emma; not that he needs to–she’s happy to blow him, cream or no cream. He looks almost ready to blow as Emma sucks him on her knees, but she wants to get her pussy serviced before swallowing his load. They get on the couch for a steamy fuck, alternating between slow and hot to fast and hard. After sliding in and out of her tight pussy as she’s lying sideways, the barista gives Emma the cream she’s been craving.

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Don’t call 911. Just jack off!

Don’t call 911. Just jack off!

Don't call 911. Just jack off!

The woman you’re about to see is a paramedic (has been for 20 years), and we can imagine that when she shows up at a scene, the victim’s heart starts beating a lot faster. You see, Kristi Kream, a 44-year-old divorcee and mom from Connecticut, is a real hottie with her blond hair, big tits and tight little body. She’s short ‘n’ stacked, and we imagine that even when she’s wearing her EMS outfit, her sexuality busts through.

This week, Kristi, who now lives in Central Florida, is showing off her hot, naked body and sucking and fucking on-camera for the first time. Today, we get the warmup as Kristi bares her big, fake tits and deep-fingers her pussy until she cums. WARNING: If this gets your dick hard and your heart beating faster, do not call 911. Just jack off until you get the relief you need.

We asked Kristi some questions. She gave us some answers.

Would the people you know be surprised to see you here?

Kristi: My family and high school friends would be but none of my swinger friends would be.

How long have you been a swinger?

Kristi: Six years. I’ve been in some wild orgies!

Do you masturbate?

Kristi: Yes, pretty much every day, sometimes multiple times a day.

What gets you off?

Kristi: I love to please and see or feel a man cum.

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