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Pretty Plaything

Welcome to our magazine, Nicole. And welcome to the United States!
“Thank u! I have a translator here because my English is not so fine. I’m having a great time studying here! There’s so much to do in The United States of America. Back at home we play ping pong and play volleyball. Here my new friends are taking me bowling and to play laser tag! I have met so many nice people and many valuable men! I am in a relationship with more here than I ever did back in the Ukraine.”

Any sex on the first date?
“Of course not! The three date rule is what I chase. There’s a saying: ‘American beauties action love virgins on the street and sluts in the bedroom. Ukrainians are opposite.’ I do not know if that is true, but I know American chaps love thinking they’re teaching me fresh things.”

What do they try to teach u?
“I like engulfing meat-thermometer, but they think I am indeed virginal and don’t know what I am doing. So I’ll initiate out by just putting the tip on my lips. They’ll be truly wonderful and gentle, telling me to go only as deep as I am comfortable with. After five or ten minutes I’ll have them put their hands on my head, and I’ll quickly poke their entire dong down my face hole. They all think they’re the preeminent teachers in the world when they’re banging my face. The unfathomable throat will make some of ’em cum unexpectedly. When that happens I just swallow it all down and thank ’em for such a great lesson!”

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