NaughtyMag Fan’s Debut

NaughtyMag Fan’s Debut

NaughtyMag Fan's Debut

Delphine likes our website and our magazine. She likes them so much, she sent in these photos and a video that you can see tomorrow.

Delphine is in her early 30s and lives in California. She likes hiking and reading science-fiction books. She readily admits that she’s a bit nerdy. She also loves doing dirty things online. When we asked her what turns her on the most she replied, “I love the chemistry between two people. When it’s a great vibe, that turns me on.” That’s a very romantic answer, but we wanted something more…graphic. So, we pushed her to say more. “Okay,” she replied. “I love giving and receiving oral sex. I love slowly deepthroating a cock while my spit runs out of the corners of my mouth.”

Delphine hasn’t shaved her pussy in five years. She has noticed that some people don’t like her bush, but she thinks it’s sexy and doesn’t plan on shaving any time soon.

Tell us what you think of Delphine’s big bush, fleshy tits, impressive toy show or anything else you like. She’ll be reading the comments.

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