Nancy Jay – This swinging mom has five sons!

This swinging Mama has five sons!

This swinging Mom has five sons!

Nancy Jay, 43, is a golden-haired bombshell. She’s too a Mother of five males.

“We’re all very open with each other,” Nancy said. “My lads would not be surprised to watch me here this day.”

We discover it subrigid to make almost certainly of that five boyz would not be surprised to watch their Mama banging and sucking a porn gent on-camera and getting her face plastered with cream. Or, as this babe is doing here, showing off her wobblers and widening her cookie for all the world to see. But we also probably would not guess that this sweet SEXY HOUSEWIFE with a cushioned voice was such a freak in the bedroom if we saw her walking down the street or drooping out at the local beach with her husband.

40SOMETHING: Nancy, you’re from?
NANCY: Sarasota, Florida.
Do you think it’s true that hotty’s reach their sexual peak when they turn Fourty?
NANCY: Maybe 35. That is when I became comfortable with my body, with myself, with my sexuality.
40SOMETHING: So you are married and your boyfriend is sat 15 or Twenty feet away. That stud is gonna observe. Would this be the 1st time he’s ever watched you having sex?
40SOMETHING: Would it be the fifth, 10th, 100th?
NANCY: No, no and no.
40SOMETHING: More than a hundred?
40SOMETHING: When this happens, is this chap having sex likewise or just watching?
NANCY: Just watching.
40SOMETHING: So you’ve been a swinger for how lengthy?
NANCY: Six years.
40SOMETHING: How did u get into swinging?
NANCY: Through conversations with my hubby. Fantasies and telling stories about things we did or didn’t do when we were younger and what we would adore to do. Acting out fantasies. We went to the beach one day and we got very wicked. We were being watching by someone in the water, and so that kind of segued into us thinking that we should try other things.
40SOMETHING: Who was watching?
NANCY: Two boyz in the water. We were in the water, also. It was the middle of the day.
40SOMETHING: How many people were in the water?
NANCY: The two men watching us and other random people on the beach.
40SOMETHING: Was that your first time having sex in the water?
NANCY: Yes. I liked it.
40SOMETHING: What did u like about having sex in the water?
NANCY: The fact that I was skilled to turn someone else on and make somebody else feel glad for a little during the time that. The 2 boyz were truly standing there tossing off while watching us.

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