Mona – Lawn boys always get the trim

Lawn studs always get the trim

Lawn boys always receive the trim

Rocky the gardener is watering the lawn when 63-year-old Mona walks up and offers him a glass of water. That chap looks her over and compliments her.

“You look gorgeous valuable yourself,” Mona says. “Would you love to move inside?”

That man would but not for more water. For a orall-service and shag. Rocky face-fucks her, likewise. By the way, this chab might be the lawn boy, but that buck did not trim Mona’s lawn. U know, the one betwixt her legs. It is hairy. He plows it with his shlong.

Mona was born in Illinois and lives in Colorado. This babe is married. This babe is a Mama. She is small and has a tight body. Rocky’s dick is greater than average. She can take it.

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