Meet Brandii Banks…and her butt plug

Meet Brandii Banks…and her anal plug

Meet Brandii Banks...and her booty plug

“I have a booty surprise,” 41-year-old Brandii Banks tells us at the end of the interview portion of this video.

A gazoo surprise?

That is right: The whole time Brandii was being interviewed by our videographer, this babe had a ass plug stuffed up her wazoo. How’s that! And then, brace-faced Brandii has joy with the arse plug and makes herself cum.

Now, this is a beauty who told us that the people that babe knows would be “absolutely surprised, shocked, blown away” to watch her here. “People I know watch me as blameless, quiet and coyness.”

But that babe also said her raunchy fantasy is “a circle jerk with multiple bucks cumming on me. Plenty of males performing creampies on me, likewise.”

So there are obviously two sides to this Mama and divorcee from Toronto. Sometimes she’ll flaunt those sides in the same night. For sample, her flawless evening: “A fine outing for dinner, relish a pair of drinks and come home to chill out or…”


“Or have some insane sex.”

“I’ve had sex on a mini golf course,” she told. “There was a castle, and one time we got to that aperture, we had a quick session. We were very discreet and quick.”

But they could have been caught. Brandii didn’t care. That was part of the excitement, the rush. A part of being a good beauty who has a very naughty side, likewise.

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