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Master Baiter

It’s the attack of the six foot teenagers!
Normally our adult models are on the skinny side at 5’3″ and underneath. But not lengthy ago we have shot a scarcely any teens who are 5’10” or taller, which is very uncommon for us. Elena is six foot even with a fresh, youthful face and merry, little mounds. This babe came all the way from Washington state to suck and copulate for us. “I’m a thrill seeker, so what could be more gripping than banging a lad on-camera?” It’s exciting for us, too, Elena.

Elena, what kinds of men do u adore?
“Ones who are not intimidated by my height! I don’t need a lad to be as tall or taller than me; I just need him to be ok with being shorter than me. Some people also think that coz I’m tall I need a larger than standard jock, but that’s not true. Big rods are priceless and all, but I am indeed very tight so I like average-sized dicks, also. There have been times that I couldn’t finish having sex ’cause the guy’s weenie would not fit.”

What satisfies u almost all good?
“Penetration and having cum in or on me. The most enjoyment I had was being yielding and getting multiple loads of cum on my face for Valentine’s Day. I adore to change positions a lot, and if the mood strikes I have pleasure anal play.”

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