Maddy Rose – Lil’ Cutie

Lil’ Gal

Lil' Cutie

Maddy is being as bad as that babe wants to be!
When we last saw Maddy in the Feb. ’15 issue, that babe was ready to indulge her naughty side. Well, it appears to be that we’ve indeed turned her out, ‘coz now this babe is become totally penis crazy! “This recent side of me can not acquire drilled sufficient!” that babe said us.

The last time u were here you’d solely had sex twice. What’s your number now?
“I’ve lost count. Probably somewhere betwixt 10 to Twenty times. And each time it keeps getting more astounding. Maybe it is just in my head, but I suppose u can tell by looking at me that I have been getting some priceless penis. I am always walking around with that post-sex glow and a large smile on my face. That’s what a bunch of worthy orgasms will do to u! My friends keep saying I look different but they can not work out why.”

Has your slit gotten more sensitive?
“I think so. I can cum more easily now. One thing is for sure, it is definitely more moist, even when I am not doing anything physical! I always must keep an extra set of briefs with me because my snatch will acquire absolutely soaked! It’s love it knows I could receive screwed at any time so it stays luscious just in case. My cookie has the sex sense!”

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