Linda Sweet – Goin’ For a Ride

Goin’ For a Ride

Goin' For a Ride

“You know why boys ride motorcycles? Coz it makes angels wish to bonk ’em! At least that’s what lads on motorcycles do to me. When I get on a bike and wrap my arms around a large, strong woman chaser and feel the bike vibrating against my love tunnel I receive so turned on. Who could resist? When I saw that Lothario I knew I’d do soever it took to get a ride. Well, it didn’t take much. And cuz this skirt chaser gave me a ride, I rode his meat-thermometer. I likewise really liked that he had a Klimt painting in his flat. It is adore this stud was the consummate combo of tough and artsy…the flawless stranger to shag!”

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