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Fresh & Frisky

The United Kingdom is pumping out lots of fine nubiles this issue!
There’re blond beauties Brook and Chloe, and now darksome brown hottie Lilly rounds out this hawt teen trio from the UK. She’s a high-school freshman who loves to do yoga and always wears a matching bra and briefs. “You at no time know when something could happen. I just love to be prepared in case I end up taking off my hot clothes! That is likewise why I always shave my pussy smooth.”

How many times have you had an unexpected erotic encounter?
“Definitely a hardly any times. Maybe like five times. The almost any thrilling one was at a party at my mate’s flat. I hit it off with this lad, and the next thing I knew we were making out in an empty room. I completely didn’t wait everything love that to happen. We ended up screwing in there, and I had a admirable, long, rock hard cum. I’ve likewise randomly hooked up with a lad at a nightclub and a cute waiter at a cafe. Too, u by no means know when a date could get physical. So like I said, I always like to be prepared to copulate!”

We don’t think lads would care if you were “unprepared.”
“I know, but I am kind of a girly-girl and I like to take care of myself. And that’s supposed to mean wearing cute underwear and shaving my pussy and things love that. It makes me feel hawt!”

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