Lila Rose – Show Off

Expose Off

 Expose Off

Tell us about yourself, Lila!
“There’s not much to tell. I am your run-of-the-mill teenage girl. I’ve a higher than standard sex drive, I suppose. That’s what led me here. I have always been pushing the boundaries when it comes to sex. In fact, my sex drive gets me in trouble. I wasn’t the most popular person in school, so I detected a boyfriend who could distract me. If I was not in the mood for class I’d excuse myself and text him to meet me in the halls. I’d engulf his shlong or let him fuck me in the washroom. I’d get busted when I went back to homeroom coz there’d be cum on my lips, or I’d get detention for not wearing panties. The teachers never knew what to do with me!”

It sounds adore you’re a real wild-card, Lila. But you look so blameless!
“Yeah, that’s what acquires me out of bother! This one time I got busted for having anal job on stage after classes were dismissed. I was dangling out in the drama room with my buck, and things started getting sexy and heavy. I suggested that we receive up on stage and pretend adore we’re screwing for an audience. I was on my knees with his jock down my face hole and his balls slapping my chin in a matter of minutes. Then I bent over a stage sofa and invited him to copulate me any way that chap wanted. I felt his fingers slip in my booty and then the tip of his pecker. It was not lengthy in advance of this chab was pumping away adore a barmy stud! It was a little painful at first, but I caressed my cum-hole and used that as lube for his shaft. Then, suddenly, the lights came on, and I saw the principal standing behind us!”

How much bother were u in?
“That’s the laughable part! Right when the lights turned on, I felt my lady-killer blasting his testicles deep into my asshole. It felt so precious! Then, my partner panicked and ran. That fellow left me there! The principal turned around and let me receive clothed. I gave him puppy-dog eyes and started to sniffle and cry. The fellow felt so bad that I was abandoned by a teenage butthole that this chab told me that gent was not plan to tell anyone, and that I should have more good judgement. I still had hawt cum running out of my rectal hole and down my leg!”

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