Lacey Channing – Breakfast Of Champions

Breakfast Of Champions

Breakfast Of Champions

Greetings, Lacey! Tell us about yourself…

“I may not be blonde, but I’m a true California goddess. I like surfing and foul biking and skating, and I like to go up to the mountains for some snowboarding when I can. I also paint, sing and play the piano a bit. I think u could say I am a high-energy kind of girl. That’s probably why I not at all, ever skip breakfast. I also at no time skip cumming in the mornings. Some days, though, I wake up in a rush, and I don’t have much time for all the things I adore to acquire done. So it is not also unconventional for me to diddle my cum-hole at the breakfast table. Luckily, no one ever really seems to mind.”

We don’t mind at all. Moreover, your twat looks so palatable!

“Thanks! I’ll always ask lads to make me breakfast when I sleep over. Even if it is just a bowl of cereal and milk–that’s really my beloved. It works out great ’cause then he’ll just eat my twat for his breakfast.”

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