Kasey Warner – Itty Bitty Bikini

Itty Bitty Swimsuit

Itty Bitty Bikini

Are you willing for spring break, Kasey?
“Totally! I plan to spend the complete time in a swimsuit or bare. My parents will be gone so the abode is all mine to do soever I urge. That is supposed to mean lots of in nature’s garb tanning and pool parties!”

Have you ever had sex in their pool?
“No, but I intend to! I’ve always wanted to do it in the water, whether it is the pool, ocean or shower. I have had sex on their daybed though. I left such a creamy mess all over their sheets that I had to rush to do the washing before they got home. I Febrezed the hell out of the room to receive the smell of sex out and put the sheets back right at the last second.”

U kind of love to do naughty things, huh?
“I’m a little bit of a bad gal with a heart of gold. I just love to savour, and what’s more fun than doing smth forbidden? My spring break will be filled with a lot of nasty activities. Luckily banging in a pool doesn’t require any clean-up!”

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