Kali Karinena – Very hot yoga

Very hot yoga

Very sexy yoga

Have you ever heard of sexy yoga? Well, in this scene, 44-year-old rookie Kali Karinena is gonna redefine Bikram hot yoga. This hawt darksome brown with a constricted little body is wearing a top that barely covers her love melons. When the scene opens, she’s stretching, and Rocky is secretly watching her. That ladies man realizes she’s not wearing everything underneath her tights.

“Oh, I’m glad you lastly decided to show up,” Kali says when Rocky makes his appearance known. “This is plan to be an intensive session. It is intend to be over a hundred degrees. There is no rules in this class. The purpose is to just do what feels worthwhile.”

That babe sees his subrigid cock.

“Nice shorts,” she says. “They’re perfect for this sort of yoga.”

Kali turns and bows over. That lady-killer can watch right into her fur pie and chocolate hole.

“And widen out your legs as much as possible,” she says, demonstrating one more move that puts her privates right up against Rocky’s face. That babe shows him some more poses. That babe eyes his wang.

Then that babe shows him an advanced pose.

“It’s called the wheel,” this babe says.

Kali lies back, widens her legs and pokes up her pelvis. This babe begins playing with his meat-thermometer. And that’s when yoga class turns into screw session.

Certainly, there is still some yoga involved. Kali reveals off her moves whilst mouthing knob and banging. This babe is a wife from Southern California who knows all the right moves.

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