Jojo – Bikini Bod

Swim costume Bod

Bikini Bod

You’ve got a hot little body, Jojo. We noticed that you have a knicker tan line.
“Yes. I love to wear thongs to the beach to unveil off my little a-hole. I figured I might as well unveil off my body whilst it is still tight. And you might have also noticed that I do not actually have tan lines around my funbags. That’s ‘coz I adore to go topless whenever I can. It feels
good, and I love the looks I get.”

Your vagina is actually worthy also. Do you adore to have it eaten?
“Of course. My beloved kind of man is one who will take up with the tongue me for a worthwhile Twenty minutes. I’m also a fan of getting my arse eaten. Nothing gets me in the mood to bonk like a hot tongue being dragged from the top of my clit to the bottom of my dark-skinned hole.”

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