Jessica’s private side

Jessica’s private side

Jessica's private side

Many of our models light-heartedly refer to themselves as whores, but not 40-year-old Jessica Torres. By her own admission, this babe is not effortless. This babe is at no time rogered on the first date. And until that babe came to our studio, the quickest she ever had sex with anybody was after a month.

But yet, this babe came to our studio to expose off her body and bonk a total stranger after knowing him for less than an 60 minutes. ‘coz the thing about Jessica is that she’s exceedingly concupiscent. So lascivious that men have said her this babe has a sex addiction. Being divorced and single, that babe needs an outlet, so that babe came to us.

Jessica has a private stash of home sex vids that she can’t live out of to watch. Now that babe has skilled videos for her and us to enjoy.

40SOMETHING: Other than porn, what’s the fastest you have had sex with a buck after rencounter him?
JESSICA: Probably one month. I am not that effortless. As we receive into that longer relationship and build a stronger relationship it could be a different scenario. But I urge him to receive to know me first.

40SOMETHING: If a lady-killer tries too inflexible to acquire into your briefs…
JESSICA: This guy is gone. Especially if this chab begins talking about how large his shlong is. I’ve heard that on the first date.

40SOMETHING: And you said to him?
JESSICA: Bye. I’m just not into that. I am a good gal.

40SOMETHING: So, what’s the fastest you have wanted to have sex with a boy but held back?
JESSICA: Probably the 1st date. U have those craves, but at the same time u wanna put yourself up on a pedestal so that man doesn’t think you’re facile.

40SOMETHING: Have you ever come close to not holding back?
JESSICA: Many times, but still, no.

40SOMETHING: You’re an unlikely pornstar, aren’t you?
JESSICA: Yep. I not at any time thought I’d ever do anything adore this. By no means.

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