Jessica Jensen – Stretch Wide

Stretch Wide

Stretch Wide

Jessica can stretch her legs very wide open.
But indeed getting her to uncross ’em is a totally different thing. “I do not sleep around with tons of lads, but I receive actually freaky with the ones I do shag,” Jessica told. If you’re one of the lucky few, you’ll have to watch just how pliant Jessica is. She’ll straddle you in a whole split and let you pound away into her pussy. “When a Lothario bangs me with my legs in a split, it’s rogering intensive. Especially when they kick off like, drilling. It just hits some spot inside of me that makes me acquire lightheaded.”

So you like it coarse?
“I love to kick off off worthwhile and slow and then finish worthy and rock hard. For me to click this link the mood, I desire a ladies man to kiss my neck and make-out with me super-passionately. Suck on my mounds and rub my arse ’cause I love that kind of stuff. I urge my muff to be succulent previous to he even unzips my pants. Then when this ladies man slips it in, I love it to be slow so I can get used to his cock being in there. But after that it’s pounding time!”

Do u try any insane poses?
“I’ve put my legs behind my head. But that is probably it. Sex feels wonderful to me no matter what so I don’t need to try anything mad. Just slip your rod in and I am glad.”

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