Jennifer Matthews – Student Seduction

Pupil Seduction

Student Seduction

“One of the hottest sex experiences I ever had was seducing one of my professors. I had the king-size crush on him and would always try to flirt, but that skirt chaser at no time took the bait. I was pretty sure that this chab wanted me also, but this chab resisted coz he wanted to be accomplished. That solely made me want him more. One day I couldn’t take it anymore and I went after him after class. I was all up on him, and I felt his obese so I knew this lady-killer was turned on. This chab endevoured to be powerful but I knew that buck was no match for me. It was such a enjoyable victory when this charmer finally gave in to me, giving a kiss me hard and grabbing my love tunnel. Then this chab fucked the shit with out me on his desk. But the moments building up to that… all the crave on my part and the restraint on his, made it such a sexy fuck and one of my beloved memories.”

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