Jennifer Matthews – Blue-Eyed Pixie

Blue-Eyed Pixie

Blue-Eyed Pixie

Welcome back, Jennifer. The last time you were here u took on a mountainous dong.
“Yes, that was my 1st monumental jock. I had a lot of fun rogering it, even though it barely fit inside me! But I’m not necessarily a size queen. Do not get me not right; greater than typical dicks are great. But I can definitely appreciate the smaller ones, likewise. Being so little, I do not need a truly massive one to get me off. And really, what acquires me off the almost all fine is truly valuable oral-service. Now that is smth I will be picky about it. You gotta know how to lick it!”

Who eats more good snatch, males or gals?
“For the majority part girls are better at it coz they’re more gentle and erotic, and well, they have a twat so they know what feels good. But I’ve been with a couple of lads who were so jaw-dropping at oral job they blew the beauties without the water.”

We bet we can guess your favourite position. Is it doggie-style?
“Yep! I know lots of beauties say that, but it is just such a fun position! U can truly get the shit rogered out of you when you are on all fours. And since I’m tiny and I’ve a shallow snatch, doggie-style is worthwhile for me when I am with a charmer with a greater than standard ding-dong. For some reason I can take it deeper in that position. Or maybe it’s just easier for me to take the pounding. Whatever it’s, I always cum rigid in doggie!”

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