Gina Gerson – Clean Cunny

Clean Cunny

Clean Cunny

U look so gracious, Gina!
“Thank you! I like when boyz eat my pussy, so I always make sure to be new and willing downstairs. My time in the shower is spent taking care of my cunt. I shave each other day to stay precious and smooth, then I rub my love button and hole until I cum. It’s my morning ritual!”

Do you ever have shower partners?
“Yes, certainly! There is nothing more sexual than bathing your spouse previous to u make love to them. Plus, you can make sure to have ’em smelling and tasting great. Then when you’re in sofa you can savour how clean they are! Certainly, you can always savour in the shower, too. I adore swallowing cum, but in the shower, with the hawt water trickling all over, I tell lads they can cum wherever they want. Nine times with out ten they’ll blow their loads all over my face. I can action truly bawdy and rub their jizz on my cheeks and lips, and the water will wash it all away. It is great if they coat your eyes. Plus, I always use soap to jerk boys off in the shower, which means his knob is clean for later!”

Does the water receive u off?
“When I’m alone it does! I’ve one of these massaging showerheads that pulse. It feels outstanding! I always tell dudes to buy one for their girlfriends ‘cuz they’ll be rewarded. I keep a elementary toy in the shower, likewise. Screwing my gap and pulsing my adore button is a guaranteed cum.”

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