Emma Ryder – She’s Gotta Go!

She is Got to Go!

She's Got to Go!

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve got to go! Youthful Emma here said us that she had to pee, so we snuck after her and snapped some pics and vid. Emma’s the kind of girl who will do anything once, and that includes porn. “I’m super-nervous, but randy at the same time,” that babe told us. “I’ve solely been with my college spouse and one other lady-killer. One as well as the other of them were slim white bucks, so I am excited to fuck a fellow!”

When Carlos our pro cocksman dropped his pants and whipped out his shlong, Emma’s jaw dropped. We could tell this babe was impressed, so we asked her about her experience with jock sizes. “Carlos’ is the monumental by far. I don’t wanna be mean, but my ex boyfriend’s dick is…I’m not actually sure. I’m terrible at judging the size of things. I suppose it’s, adore, the length of my iPhone 5. Yes, that’s it.” For the record, boyz, an iPhone 5 is just shy of five inches. That is supposed to mean that Carlos’ man-meat was going into practically virgin territory. Still, Emma handled mouthing that bigger than average schlong like a banging champ. That babe is a fast learner.

“I’m normally a fan of doggie-style or missionary, but I truly enjoyed riding on top today. It felt mind blowing and I thought I did really well. I am usually scared of having my partner slip out of me, but this time I knew that wouldn’t happen. I could feel every inch of my snatch being filled. This might sound indeed odd to a lot of people, but it reminded me a lot of riding horses, which I like doing. I really orgasmed during the time that riding a horse one time. That can happen if you are a cutie and you’re in the saddle lengthy sufficient!”

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