Emma Ryder – All Grown Up

All Grown Up

All Grown Up

Emma’s all grown up, but this babe can’t fill a brassiere!
Sometimes flat is forever. Emma always wondered if her love bubbles would grow, but now that this babe is 18 it’s beautiful clear that she’s destined to be small-breasted. Despite that, she still likes to try on her mom’s lingerie for pleasure. “I do not indeed have any hawt lingerie of my own, so I go throughout my mom’s stuff to watch how it’d look on me. This babe has large scones so her bras are all saggy on my slight scoops. It is kind of a matter of joke, but at least her sexy briefs and briefs look worthy on my arse! If I ever wish hot bras, I’ll must detect some A-cups or lacy bralettes.”

She likewise plays with her mom’s make-up, but it doesn’t always go on her face.
“I know it’s kind of weird, but sometimes I love to put my mom’s lipstick on my nipps. Mine are miniature and pale, so the bright red really makes ’em stand out. I at no time told anyone in advance of that I do this. I hope no one thinks it is also odd! I kinda always wanted to do that for a boy, but I’m not sure how that lady-killer would react. I suppose the boyz who read your magazine can let me know what they think of that.”

Speaking of using your mom’s ram, you said us you’ve a messy, little secret to share.
“Well, once I completely rogered one of my mom’s boyfriends. That Lothario was doing some work around the yard during the time that my Mama was at work, and he traipsed in on me trying on her underwear. One thing led to another and then this chab was eating my cookie. I remember looking in the mirror and seeing his head betwixt my legs during the time that I was standing up, still wearing my mom’s saggy below garment. This gent bent me over the daybed and gave me one hell of a screwing, and I gotta watch the whole sexy scene from the mirror.”

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