Emily Harper – Fresh Titter

Fresh Titter

Fresh Titter

Are u a lustful angel, Emily?
“Duh! All cuties are amorous. Some of ’em just deny it. I am open about the fact that I like to bonk and masturbate. I do not know if I’m hornier than the typical goddess, but I am glamorous damn lewd!”

Do u ever have moist fantasies?
“Chances are if I’m dreaming, it’s about sex. In the mornings I wake up with a sticky anus coz I’ve been having damp fantasies all night. I get so juicy that my juices leak down my crack into my a-hole. Since I am already lubed, I’ll begin the day off by masturbating with a finger in my arsehole. I usually need to wash my sheets daily ‘coz they receive succulent. I am a very moist goddess.”

How often would you say u have sex?
“At least a couple of times a week. I’ve 2 or three boys on rotation. I adore banging every of them for different reasons. One lady-killer gives the best head ever. The other one has a larger than run of the mill ramrod. And the third smooth operator makes me cum super unbending.”

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