Elizabeth – Liz’s Fuzzbox

Liz’s Fuzzbox

Liz's Fuzzbox

Elizabeth has a bush, but we decided to bestow the title of Bush Baby on some other angel this month (you’ll see why in a dunky in number weeks!). We still like this Brit’s fuzzbox, though. It drives us bonkers when we can watch the curls shoving out of a pair of sheer briefs. It is an automatic boner-button. Elizabeth knows it, likewise. “I’ve been growing out my pubes for long time now,” the 34-year-old looker told us. “I think it feels sexier than a bald pussy. Plus, a hairless snatch always feels clammy, rather than sopping juicy. When a bloke pushes his hands down my straps, I want him to know that my cum-hole is running from passion, not cuz we just had an exhaustive stroll! I like how my pubes hold in the juices, also. I dated one boy who would make me so moist I would practically must wring out my crotch afterward.”

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