Diana – Lovely & Leggy

Pleasant & Leggy

Lovely & Leggy

Diana is out for a picnic. But the only thing to munch on is her delicious, bald twat. As you may remember from Diana’s first appearance in the Jan. ’13 issue, she enjoys spending time (and lap dancing down butt-naked) in the great outside. “It is always cold in Russian Federation,” this babe told our photographer. “So whenever it is warm I try to spend as much time as possible out side. I like to go on picnics and lengthy walks. If no one is around I will acquire exposed and lie in the sun.”

When the weather is warm Diana will do more than just sun bathe. “I have had sex outside before. But I will merely take off my hawt outfit around anybody that I know, not a stranger! From what my friends have said me, lots of us Russians like to copulate outdoors when the sun is out and it’s warm. The wonderful weather have to make us desire to take off our alluring clothing! I identify it exciting to do those things, but I am sure our parents would not approve!”

Diana has fond memories of outdoor nudity. “The 1st time I had sex was by a lake with my English teacher. And then many times after that we screwed outside. I knew I wanted to take in nature’s garb pictures some time agone, and I waited untill the Spring cuz I wanted ’em to be outside. I knew feeling the sun on my body would remind me of all the orgasms I had.”

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