Decorating Sasha’s face

Decorating Sasha’s face

Decorating Sasha's face

In this video, her 1st on-camera copulate scene, 42-year-old Sasha Bell is an internal decorator. Her client is a chap, certainly. Sasha, wearing a short petticoat and carrying some pillows (doesn’t everyone carry pillows around?) walks into the abode, looks around and says, “There’s a lot of things we can do here.”

She is damn right there’re!

Sasha bows over. He checks out her wazoo.

“I kind of like this fabric on your petticoat,” that Lothario says, boldly grabbing her wazoo.

Who does that kind of thing?

“We can do anything you wish,” she says.

Who’s fortunate sufficient to receive that kind of answer from a glamourous female love Sasha?

Sasha desires to watch his underclothing to check for colors and patterns. When this woman chaser receives his pants off, she plays with his weenie and the decorating stops. This woman chaser ends up decorating her face with his goo. In-between, that babe sucks his schlong and bonks him every which way.

It’s a great starting for Sasha and a very happy ending!

Sasha is divorced. This babe has 2 kids. That babe lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She’s not a nudist or a swinger. This babe is intend to medical school, where she is surrounded by younger fellows. She is screwed a not many of them.

“Friends with benefits and boys in study groups,” this babe told.

She can be a little daring.

“I did it in a pool with eight or 10 people in it, and nobody had any idea that we were having sex. You just need to splash at the right time so nobody knows what you are doing. I don’t mind if I acquire caught or if people are watching. It adds to the excitement. I’ve had sex in cars with boyfriends and outdoors when camping.”

It’s simple to satisfy Sasha. Just eat her cookie. And bonk her standing up. She’d adore u to do that. She’s into sweethearts but prefers dudes. Gentlemen love most of all Sasha.

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