Dawn Jilling – While hubby’s away, Dawn gets ass-fucked!

During the time that hubby’s away, Dawn acquires ass-fucked!

While hubby's away, Dawn gets ass-fucked!

When this scene opens, 45-year-old Dawn Jilling is on the phone with her partner. This petticoat chaser just called to let her know this man has to work late, but Dawn doesn’t mind.

“Don’t worry,” that babe says. “I’m just gonna go to couch a little early tonight.”

Well, it turns out she’s already in bed. And somebody’s there with her!

And he’s eating her slit.

U know, it takes some balls–or maybe some love tunnel?–for a dominatrix to talk to her boyfriend on the phone during the time that some lad is eating her vagina. And Dawn is barely off the phone before she’s stroking her shag buddy’s pecker and then eating his wang.

Yeah, Dawn is mouthing and rogering in her marital bed whilst her husband is working late, and that babe is bouncing up and down on her friend’s shlong, and u know what else?

She is getting ass-fucked in the bed she sleeps in with her partner!

Fortunately, Dawn knows to drink the cum so as not to mess up the sheets.

So, let’s recap: 1. Getting her pussy eaten whilst talking to her boyfriend on the phone; 2. Getting ass-fucked in her marital sofa; THREE. Eating cum.

Sounds like Dawn is off to a terrific kick off at 40SomethingMag.com, no?

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