Chloe – Farm Fresh

Farm New

Farm Fresh

Chloe plays up the farmgirl dream nicely. The hat, these overalls, the perfectly tanned body…we just cant get sufficient of Chloe in this farmgirl getup. Laughable sufficient, Chloe really did grow up on a farm! “I’m from the Midwest, and my grandparents own a farm. I’ve spent lots of time on ’em, especially as a kid. I even used to milk the cows! I lost my virginity in their barn. There was hay all over my butt and in my hair when we were done. How is that for a farmgirl?”

We’ve seen some enchanting twats, but Chloe’s just might take the cake.
Her chocolate hole pucker is nice-looking worthwhile, also! “Is it unusual that I view my cunt and rectal hole in the mirror all the time? I thought all gals did that, but none of my friends would admit to it. I just like to know what’s going on down there, you know? I suppose I have a good bawdy cleft and anal opening. Plus, I love to check to make sure I receive all the hair when I shave. Sometimes I’ll watch myself in the mirror when I masturbate. I scoot up actually close to my full-length mirror and observe my finger go in and out of my pussy. I adore seeing how my muff gets wetter and wetter every minute.”

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