Chloe Brooke – Classroom Cunny

Classroom Cunny

Classroom Cunny

U look a bit different since final time, Chloe…

“I went blonder. I have so many studs hitting on me now–it’s awesome! And I just started at this fresh school and I am the merely blonde gal in class!”

Do u love standing out love that?

“Are you kidding me? I love the attention! Boyz let me skip ahead in line at lunch, and they’re always opening doors for me. I’ve dated and drilled a scarcely any of them. I adore to copulate at least one time a week, and I haven’t been talented to identify a smooth operator that can keep up with me. Solely a pair of them went down on me or made me cum. I need a real buck to bonk….”

Seems love you’ve somebody in mind for it?

“There’s two of them, actually. One is the recent history teacher and the other is the substitute music teacher. They both look twenty-something, so, not too old, and I am glamorous sure one as well as the other of ’em have been checking me out. I have not at any time been in a trio before, but I guess if it were with these 2 dudes, I would absolutely be on board to acquire plowed!”

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