Candy Rosen – Sweet Treat

Lovely Treat

Sweet Treat

We all have that copulate of a lifetime… The one that goes down in our memory bank as an astounding experience that can probably not at all be topped. It could be lastly hooking up with a angel you’ve lusted after for a lengthy time. Or a avid three-way, or maybe a very public bonk session. Although Candy isn’t the majority adept hotty, that babe has her own shag of a lifetime story. “I had a gigantic crush on my English professor. That petticoat chaser was hot, and I would always leave class with a juicy spot between my legs. But I didn’t think anything would happen. Until one day I went to go eat at this divey, little bar/restaurant and that stud was there.”

It all comes together for one hot copulate! “He came and sat next to me to talk. That ladies man was flirty, so I tested the waters by putting my hand on his thigh. I moved higher and felt his stiffy. So we decided to acquire without there, and we started making out on the side of the building behind some crates. This woman chaser started fingering me, then turned me over so I was facing the wall. He lifted my petticoat, pulled down my straps and put his cock in me slow and unfathomable. I was succulent so it just slid right in. I came almost instantly. It was the horniest experience of my life.”

Candy’s experience just goes to show you, not at any time say at no time! If you would’ve said Candy about her back-alley screw the day in advance of it happened, this babe wouldn’t have believed it. But dreams do cum true. “The whole time I kept thinking that I could not believe this was truly happening. I thought my feelings for my professor would stay a dream, but there I was truly rogering him and cumming all over his rod outside a bar!”

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