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Freshly Fucked

Brittney is a reluctant lay. Or so it looks. She is going to need some persuasion and stimulation to warm her up for the beef-roll. The ancient standby, the massage, should hit all the right acupressure points. Especially the points on her perky areolas. Over the next 29 minutes and 11 seconds, Brittney will be a living adore doll for Mr. Jag: compliant, obedient, pliable. There’s not the slightest sign of resistance. This babe did not need the rub-down. That babe will do anything Jag tells her to do whilst the camera rolls. She will pull her legs back and open her love tunnel. She will take the bone unfathomable while she is on her knees. This babe will ride the penis on top. He will slip it in her sideways. Jag has struck the fuck-toy lottery with this slinky brunette Brittney. Her smooth young skin and marvelous face is pure eyecandy. Her captivating pussyhole and rectal hole are perfect. Her ball-pierced tongue makes her meat-thermometer licking more stimulating. As part of her cum-facial training, she will rub the leaking ball cream into her face, neck and chest whilst staring into the digi camera. Brittney is well on her way to earning a Bachelor’s degree in man-pleasing and cum-sluttery.

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