Because A Woman’s Asshole Has Needs, Too

Cuz A Woman’s Anus Has Needs, Too

Because A Woman's Butthole Has Needs, Too

“I can’t wait until u screw me with that big, dark-skinned strapon of yours,” Trinity tells Asante at the initiate of this scene. “She wants u inside of her.” She, certainly, is Trinity‘s love tunnel. “That bigger in size than typical pecker of yours will feel so fine inside of me.”
Trinity goes on and on about Asante’s big wang and what that babe urges him to do with it, and, of course, eventually–very quickly, actually–it happens.Trinity then gets down on her hands and knees and tells Asante how to play with her rectal hole. “Nice and slow at first,” she says. “My butt wishes u to shag it.”
But first, Trinity‘s mouth receives rogered. And then her cunt. “Fuck that cunt,” Trinity says. And then, after some more asshole–fingering, Asante sinks his schlong deep inside Trinity‘s needy rectal hole. Needy? Did we say needy? Actually, there is nothing about Trinity that’s needy. She gets all the sex that babe craves and needs. “But I can always use a little more,” that babe says. And, so, Trinity uses Asante. To copulate her a-hole.

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