Ava – Animal Instincts

Beast Instincts

Animal Instincts

Ava, u look unlike your pix in Holiday ’13.
“I had my hair colored for the Halloween shoot! I liked having that dark-skinned mixed with golden-haired! I think it made me look more dangerous. In real life I’m beautiful virginal. But I still like to party!”

Do u party a lot back home?
“Oh yep, all the time. Here in the States your teenies will have larger than average abode parties, but in Latvia we can go to strip clubs. Everyone there’s grinding and stripping together all night. The mood is different and people are often more open about going home with
someone. A lot of older lads will come to pick up angels. When the music is playing and I’m with a hot Lothario I make potty decisions. One time I spent an complete weekend having sex with a lad after this chab asked me for a oral-service in the bath!”

Wow! Did this buck ever acquire the oral-stimulation?
“Of course! He whispered in my ear that my lap dancing made him also slutty and that woman chaser had to cum right then. I asked him what I could do to assist and this chab led me to a baths stall. I got on my knees, unzipped his pants and started mouthing. I could hear people standing right outside. That guy was moaning so loud I thought we would acquire caught, so I finished him off by putting his penis all the way down my face hole, squeezing his testicles and swallowing his cum. We sauntered without there like no thing happened and went back to his house for a little more fun. I was so bad!”

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